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About Us

Corporate Culture

Who are we?
  • Company prospect:

    To be the top internet media of architectural materials

  • Company responsibility:

    To create wealth for architectural enterprises through internet

  • Ten words policy:

    friendliness, inspiration, innovation, cooperation, high efficiency

  • Service philosophy:

    Customers problem is our researching object.

  • Three core values

    Sticking to the spirit of integrity

    Person who are honest and good promise keeper are morality

  • Focusing more on results

    We shall be proud of our efforts and be responsible for the results.

    We shall take everyday as the most inspiring day with endless enthusiasm.

    We shall equip ourselves with the philosophy: Each small result grows in a short process and then composes a big result.

  • Being eager for change

    We must get ready for change to go after the world pace.

    Change it now!

    Looking into the future!