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Home > News > Success Stories > Success is Not Made by Accidents; How Qingdao Kingdom Glass Co., Ltd obtains 21 million yuan revenue?

Success is Not Made by Accidents; How Qingdao Kingdom Glass Co., Ltd obtains 21 million yuan revenue?

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(China Glass Network) Once upon a time, a carpenter cuts down a tree and make it into three buckets. One for toilet, which everyone hides from; one for water container, which everyone uses; one for wine container, which everyone cherishes. Three buckets all come from one root, however, their destinies are totally different due to their usages. This philosophy also can be applied into our daily lives. What kind of life visions we hold, it may transform our future lives.

Qingdao Kingdom Glass Co., Ltd is a manufacturer which is specialized in producing and selling building safety glass. Providing various products in different types and sizes including flat/bent tempered glass, laminated glass, insulating glass, electric resistant glass. Qingdao Kingdom products are adopted widely by curtain walls, fenestration, handrails, indoor partitions, bath doors and greenhouses. Upholding the faith of moral quality of human being deciding quality of products, Qingdao Kingdom persists to provide high quality products for clients. After a decade development, Qingdao Kingdom not only obtains prosperous future but also gains trusts and favorable comments from market.


Source: glassinchinaAuthor: Shangyi

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