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Home > News > Our Activities > The 17th ZAK Glass Technology Expo opened grandly in New Delhi today!

The 17th ZAK Glass Technology Expo opened grandly in New Delhi today!

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(China Glass Network) The 17th ZAK Glass Technology Expo opened grandly in New Delhi today!

Welcome to the booth of China Glass Network: GC40.


China Glass Network is committed to promoting Chinese glass enterprises, helping glass enterprises to expand the international market quickly, and is a bridge to connect domestic suppliers and buyers.


As the platform to connect China and world glass market, China Glass Network is doing a Chinese and English live broadcast. Click here: http://live.ikaola.com.cn/ZAK2019/  

Our booth-GC40


People went to their booth.

Glassinchina.com, the only glass foreign trade platform and strategic partner of ZAK Glass is doing live broadcast.

The corresponding ZAK Doors and Windows Exhibition

Let's look at some overseas exhibitors..(Orders are in random)





Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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