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Continued dynamic organic growth in the third quarter

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•    Sequential acceleration in organic growth: up 13.3% in Q3 2021 versus Q3 2019, confirming the good momentum in underlying markets, with volumes up 3.6%


•    The Group is confident that it will be able to offset raw material and energy cost inflation over full-year 2021 given the sharp 8.7% acceleration in prices in Q3 2021 versus Q3 2020


•    Ongoing optimization of the Group’s growth and profitability profile1:
      Acquisitions signed contributing around 850m to full-year sales (including Chryso)
      Divestments representing around 1,850m in full-year sales

•    Annual targets confirmed: a very strong increase in operating income over full-year 2021 to a new all-time high, with like-for-like operating income in second-half 2021 close to the previous record of second-half 2020

•    Launch of the “Grow & Impact” plan at the Capital Markets Day on October 6, 2021: strong commitment from teams to accelerate profitable growth and maximize the Group’s positive impact in the fight against climate change


Asia-Pacific: strong sales growth in the third quarter

The Asia-Pacific Region saw organic growth of 19.8% in the third quarter and of 15.9% versus third- quarter 2019.

While South-East Asia was hit in Q3 by a new COVID wave which temporarily stopped its strong dynamic, China continued to report robust growth over the two periods thanks to an upbeat market for construction solutions with double-digit organic growth in Q3 2021 vs Q3 2019 and a high leverage on operating income.


India’s recovery gathered pace – against a third-quarter 2020 comparison basis affected by the health situation – given the very robust growth compared to pre-Covid levels, driven both by volumes and prices. 


1. Since the beginning of 2021

Source: https://www.saint-gobain.com.cn/en/Author: shangyi

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