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Resin Grinding Wheel

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    Accessories&Tools/Resin Wheel

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    L/C,T/T,Western Union,Others

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    Carton, color box, brown box, blister

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Product Details

Resin Grinding Wheel

Type: Abrasive disc
Abrasive material: Metal bonded & Resin bonded
Usage: grinding, sharpening, polishing
Brand Name: Cndrpart
Country of Orgin: China
Size: Depends on the Machine and the effect you needed

Payment and Delivery Terms:
Lead Time About 15days after receiving your deposit
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union and Cash
Package Carton, color box, brown box, blister, double blister, color card, ect.

About us?
We provide all kinds of High-Quality Glass Wheels used on Straight-Line, Double-Edger,
Round Edging, Beveling Edging & Irregular Shape Edging Processing Machinery.
Besides, we also offer glass drill bit series, glass cutting and grinding tools,and some other glass tools
and so on.

1.A wide range of products, we can offer any consumable for glass deep-processing.
2.Advanced equipments from Germany and America to guarantee our product's high
3.Ex-factory available to keep customer鈥檚 lower cost.
4.Steady lead-time, 1~5 days for goods in stock, and 7~15 days for goods through order
5.Various packages available, it depends on customer鈥檚 detailed requirements.
6.Shipping agent available, to keep delivery in time.
7.Rich experience, to enable our products to be market all over the world.
8.Nice service, to get satisfaction from our customers since the beginning to the end.

With a wide range of products, complete models, reasonable prices and high quality, we has won the trust of
customers under the principles of various categories and low price. We are looking forward to your email.


Email: dr-glasstools@hotmail.com Tel: +86 186 2790 5081 锛坵hat'sapp)

Wechat: DrGlassTools Skype: daniel.glasstools

Website: www.cndrpart.com QQ: 1913283140

Wuhan Darui Machine Parts Co., Ltd



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diamond wheel,diamond grinding wheel,drill bit,grinding wheel,polishing wheel,abrasive disc,milling cutter,cerium oxide



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